We Asked, You Answered: Fort Bragg Food Scene

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Last week on Instagram I launched our first ever military town polling (took me long enough, right?)! I polled the audience over a period of four days to get a general sense of how you like(d) Fort Bragg as a duty station, where you chose to live, where you like to eat, and what you do in your free time in the area. There was SO much participation that I couldn’t possibly fit it into one post, so I’m breaking it down by poll topic.

I rolled up your responses on the best restaurants near Fort Bragg and compiled them here in this nifty blog post for you to reference whenever you fancy…cuz that’s just what friends do.

On the food scene in Fayetteville…

I asked you guys if you were satisfied with the restaurant options in Fayetteville and 58% of you said YES, while 42% said NO. I thought it was only fitting to ask those of you who said NO about when you were last at Fort Bragg. This is because a lot has changed over the last five years and I was interested to see if the negative opinions were perhaps outdated.

Unfortunately, no one who said they were not satisfied responded to the question about when they were last at Fort Bragg (the two options were “Within the last 5 years” and “5+ years ago”). So on this line of questioning, we’re stumped.

We asked Jenny from Go Fayetteville! what she loves about the local cuisine:

Fayetteville is really big on loving local. The international diversity of the cuisine here is crazy! So many hole in the wall places at your fingertips, and this makes our dining options stand out. That, and just true mom and pop diners and eateries. You just have to explore and be willing to try new things.
— Jenny @gofayetteville

Your favorite restaurants near Fort Bragg…

I then posed an open question, “What is your favorite restaurant near Fort Bragg?” and there were five restaurants that got a lot of repeat votes, which I’ve listed in rank order by popularity:

  1. Chapman’s Food & Spirits - Southern Pines

  2. The Sly Fox Pub - Southern Pines

  3. Saigon Bistro (“best Pho in town”) - Fayetteville

  4. The Mash House Brewing Company - Fayetteville

  5. Ironwood Cafe - Pinehurst

The following restaurants each received a single vote as your favorite restaurant:

“Best brunch near Fort Bragg?”

“Best kid-friendly restaurant near Fort Bragg?”

The response rate for this question was abysmal!! I’m pretty sure the majority of my audience doesn’t have kids, so I guess I understand the limited knowledge in this arena. I got a lot of “sorry…no idea” responses. But, somebody said The Pik N Pig at Vass Airport was great because the kids can watch the planes take off while they eat. So, here’s to you @therealkrislevy for being the lone respondent to this question. Gold star for you my friend.

“Best hole-in-the-wall restaurant near Fort Bragg?”

“Best date night (dressy) restaurant near Fort Bragg?”

There were three restaurants that got a ton of repeat votes, so I’ve listed them in rank order by popularity:

  1. Circa 1800 - Fayetteville

  2. Antonella’s Italian Ristorante- Fayetteville

  3. Chef Warren’s - Southern Pines

The following date night restaurants each received a single vote:

“Best restaurant for a large group near Fort Bragg?”

General comments on the Fort Bragg food scene…

As a wrap-up to this poll, I asked you for any final thoughts on this topic and you provided the following responses:

  • Loved the locally owned restaurants downtown. Now most are chain restaurants.

  • Unimpressive. However, Fuquay Varina and Raleigh aren’t too far.

  • Plenty of places with plenty of variety. You just gotta explore.

  • Roast Office in Pinehurst is the best coffee shop!

  • Too many chains, not enough local/unique variety!

  • Bubble Tea Express in Fayetteville is “fire”

  • There’s a good restaurant in every food genre if you know where to go

  • There are some amazing restaurants near Fort Bragg, especially in downtown Fayetteville.

  • Lots of opportunities for new styles and concepts, but overall service needs to get better!

What are your thoughts on the best restaurants near Fort Bragg? Tell us in the comments and tag your pictures with #rightandup so we can repost!


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Riley is an active duty US Army Captain and the Founder of Right and Up. She’s currently stationed in Washington, DC, with previous assignments at Fort Huachuca, Fort Bliss, Fort Riley and Fort Benning. You can typically find her eating embarrassingly large amounts of food in local restaurants, or exploring her military town with her husband, Sean and her dog, Gus. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!