We Asked, You Answered: Fort Bragg Activities

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Last week on Instagram I launched our first ever military town polling (took me long enough, right?)! I polled the audience over a period of four days to get a general sense of how you like(d) Fort Bragg as a duty station, where you chose to live, where you like to eat, and what you do in your free time in the area. There was SO much participation that I couldn’t possibly fit it into one post, so I’m breaking it down by poll topic.

I rolled up your responses to all of my questions concerning things to do near Fort Bragg and compiled them here in this nifty blog post for you to reference whenever you fancy…cuz that’s just what friends do.

Is there enough to do near Fort Bragg?

Beach, lake or mountains - the saying ‘North Carolina Has It All’ is accurate
— Tara @olivefoxdesign

I asked you guys if you felt there was enough to do near Fort Bragg, in general. 78% of you said YES and 22% said NO. Of those who said NO, only 1 provided a reason, which was simply “Mountains.” I admittedly don’t know if you meant that there were too many mountains, not enough mountains nearby, that mountains were the only options for activities, or…? C’mon man! Don’t leave me hanging like this!

Moving on.

No, wait! Let’s rewind. My first question was “Which term describes you more: HOMEBODY or EXPLORER. I asked this question to gauge the answers to the follow up question about whether or not there was enough to do in the area.

  • 70% said EXPLORER

  • 30% said HOMEBODY

Of those who identified as a HOMEBODY, only 14% felt there was NOT enough to do near Fort Bragg. This was a telling statistic to me. The vast majority of those who identify as a HOMEBODY actually felt that there was enough to do in the local area. I took this to speak volumes about the Fort Bragg area as a whole, and I hope you do too.

Ok, now we can move on. My next question was posed to the 78% of you who said there was enough to do near Fort Bragg. I asked you to tell me your favorite thing to do in the area. Many had the same answers so I’ve consolidated them here:

  • Hiking at Raven Rock, the Cape Fear River Trail, the All American Trail and at Uwharrie

  • Visiting Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte

  • Going hunting

  • Going to the beach (it’s so close!)

  • Fighting “Legs” (best response of the week. A “leg” is someone who isn’t Airborne qualified)

  • Zip line in Downtown Fayetteville

  • Hanging out in Southern Pines

  • Dewitt’s Sporting Clays - Ellerbe

  • Checking out the breweries in Fuquay Varina

  • Checking out the breweries, music scene and general Downtown area (Lake Gaston Brewery was a popular response)

  • Going to the Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville

I asked my friend Jenny with Go Fayetteville! what kinds of activities and new opportunities she’s excited about specifically for Fayetteville, and she had this to say:

There is such a buzz in the air about all the new development. We now have a Minor League Baseball team, the Fayetteville Woodpeckers, with a new stadium downtown. We’re also really excited about the micro-brewery movement that has hit here. Fayetteville is also known for its art scene, which is really well supported and there are so many veteran artists in the area.
— Jenny @gofayetteville

Take a little trip…Take a little trip…

I asked you guys about the best day trips and weekend getaways near Fort Bragg and here are your responses listed in order of popularity (# of votes):

Day Trips

  • Uwharrie National Forest

  • Raleigh

  • Charlotte

  • Fuquay Varina

  • Southern Pines

  • Greensboro

  • Wilmington or Tobacco District in Durham

  • Broadfoot Bandy House - for a Staycation

  • Gillis Farm - Fayetteville

Weekend Getaways

  • Asheville

  • Charlotte

  • Outer Banks

  • Wilmington

  • Durham

  • Raleigh

  • Wrightsville Beach

  • Emerald Isle

  • Carolina Beach

  • Myrtle Beach

  • Charleston

But what about the kids?!

You kindly shared your knowledge on your favorite activities for the kiddos in the Fort Bragg area:

Your favorite parades and annual events…

A lot of you had similar responses to this question, which I’ve put in order by popularity (# of votes):

Top 5 Bucket List Activities while stationed at Fort Bragg

Here they are! In no particular order…

What are your thoughts on the best activities near Fort Bragg? Tell us in the comments and tag your pictures with #rightandup so we can repost!


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