The Angler's Guide to Fayette County Reservoir Bass Fishing


If you’re stationed at Fort Hood take the advice of ZZ Top and head to that shack outside La Grange because they’ve got a lot of nice girls out there….well...sort of, except head to Fayette County Reservoir outside La Grange because they have a lot of nice bass out there. A short, 125 mile, 2 hour drive will put you on the water at my favorite all time fishing place.  The lake is hot in more than one way because it’s a power plant cooling lake, so the water is hot year round making for some great fishing.  Get there and throw anything and you’re almost guaranteed to catch fish. Find the right place and lure combo and you could have the greatest day of your life.  I’m going to share some of my favorite and most productive techniques so you can get out there, have a great time and then go to Whataburger to refuel at the end of the day.

1. The Red Eye Shad

This is my all time favorite here, whether it’s spring, summer or winter, it always kept them biting (sometimes two at a time!). The key here is finding points with grass on them, and reel the lure right on top of it at a high rate of speed and rip it out anytime it gets caught. Then hold on. I recommend you throw it on braid because you’ll get better hookups and can manage the thicker grass better without fear of breaking off a big one. Any color will work, but I’ve had the best luck on chrome colored ones.

Tip: Upgrade the treble hooks to the short shank wide bend ones to hold the fish better.

2. The Carolina Rig

The key to this one is using your electronics to find breaks in the grass that have shell beds on them. If you don’t have the luxury of a good fish finder, a little casting around and feeling will do about as well. Make sure you have a large ¾ ounce weight on to get through the grass, and pull it through the grass until you feel something bumpy. Once you feel that, you’re on the shell bed and it’s time to hold on. I liked using this technique later in the day after I had worn out the Red Eye Shad bite and it’s consistently produced great catches. I’ve had the best luck on a Lake Fork Fry Ring on a 5/0 round bend hook.

Tip: If casting isn’t your thing, just throw it out, let some line go and use your trolling motor to pull it along.  You’ll cover a lot of ground and increase your chances.

3. Flipping

This is a fun one, because it’s up close and personal.  You can hit multiple locations around the lake for this technique, from the bull rush to the standing forest in parts of the lake.  You’ll have to base your weight on the fall rate you want and the depth you’re fishing.  All you have to do here is find anything that looks fishy and flip your lure (Zoom Brush Hog is a great starter) at it.  By anything “fishy” I mean flipping to the trees, grass line or back into the bull rush where it provides natural pockets.

Tip: Watch your line here, the best one I caught didn’t hit it hard, he just took off swimming with it.

Whether you go for the day or the weekend (we used to sleep in the parking lot on the boat) Fayette County Reservoir will be a great time.  The drive down is scenic and if you want to check out some of the local establishments while you are there, they have a Meadery among other attractions. To check out my other articles on bass fishing in military towns click here and here.


about the author

Mike Grose is a competitive bass fisherman and an Infantryman currently stationed at Fort Benning, GA. He loves spending time with his dog, Ralph. Follow his fishing adventures on Instagram or YouTube.