Pensacola's Top Five Places to Eat

Featured image via Visit Pensacola

Featured image via Visit Pensacola

Ahh, Pensacola. If you're an ocean lover and beach-goer, you've hit the PCS jackpot with this location. As a Spring Break destination for college kids and families alike, Pensacola has a little something for everyone. Plus, the restaurants are amazing. 

When we arrived in Pensacola, we embraced the change and started making plans. After living in a small town for the previous five years, we were in awe of the number of local restaurants, and the variety of options we had. Of course, with two kids and a baby we tried to limit the amount the five of us went out to eat, but we quickly found some favorites. In no particular order, here are the five places we loved while living in Pensacola.

Fosko's Coffee Barre


This was the first place we tried in Pensacola. Our second day in town, we went downtown to explore the Farmer's Market and my nose for coffee led us to Fosko's Coffee Barre. We sat the kids at the bar, where they were entertained by the waitress making crepes, and we enjoyed a marvelous cup of coffee. From that day on, whenever I had the chance, I'd take visitors there, or find a way to work there.

Brother's BBQ


A good BBQ joint is a must for our family. We've always been spoiled with friends who like to smoke meat and with Brother's BBQ just a few miles from our house we were, once again, spoiled. With buffet Wednesdays and "Kids Eat Free" Thursdays, we enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. It felt like we were eating at a friend's house, and that is the best feeling! I also ordered my Thanksgiving turkey from them.

Seville Quarter


The Seville Quarter downtown quickly became our favorite date night place. Because they had a piano bar! We'd arrive early, eat dinner, and then enjoy a few hours of some great singing. I highly recommend the pretzel and beer dip. Everything we tried was great, but that was my absolute favorite.

Union Public House


My husband and I aren't fancy people, as you can tell by our anniversary date night that was spent at the Seville Quarter piano bar, but we do appreciate fantastic food. I was lucky enough to experience the Union Public House's fantastic menu with three fabulous milspouses that gathered for dinner in Pensacola. Everything was amazing—everything. And the presentation made it even better.

Bubba's Sweet Spot


Dessert is essential, and so we can't leave out our favorite dessert spot. My husband and children are golfers, and since Bubba Watson is from the Pensacola area, one of our first treats came from Bubba's Sweet Spot on Palafox. My kids enjoyed the variety of flavors, especially the brightly colored ones.

While we only spent seven months in Pensacola, it's easy to see that we enjoyed our time there immensely. We'd eagerly go back and encourage everyone else to do so!


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