Best Communities to Live in Near Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield

Georgia, a song of you comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines

~ “Georgia on My Mind” - Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorell

Having spent my own tech school days not far from the Savannah area in Fort Gordon, I can tell you that there are a lot of charming things about living below the Mason-Dixon line.  The entire state is blanketed with green, there’s outdoor recreation-a-plenty, and some of the best food and music America has to offer.

If you have recently been ordered to Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield and you need to live off-post, this article will help you navigate some of the most popular areas for military families in the area.  Here are the five best options:


The city of Hinesville is the most obvious choice for most families looking for an off-post community in the Fort Stewart area.  This is because the city nearly envelops the post. Hinesville offers affordable housing and a military-friendly community.  The average home value in Hinesville is around $128,000, and schools in the area rate between four and seven on Greatschools.  The crime rate for Hinesville is higher than average, however.


If you prefer small town living, then you might consider the town of Midway, just a few miles down the highway from Hinesville.  This quaint community is home to a lot of beautiful and historic architecture, as well as that famous southern charm.  The median home value is higher than Hinesville, at roughly $165,000, but it is lower than the overall Georgia state average. Midway’s schools received a rating of six on Greatschools, and being a town of only around 2,000 people, the crime rate is negligible.


Closer to Savannah, but still with a suburban feel, Pooler is another popular choice for military families.  Pooler boasts a rating among the safest cities in the state of Georgia, though the median home price is more expensive, at just under $200,000. Pooler’s schools do not rate as highly as Hinesville’s or Midway’s, receiving ratings of between three and five on Greatschools.  On the other hand, Pooler is right outside of Savannah, which may be more appealing to younger families or couples who still enjoy the draw of a larger city.

Richmond Hill

Geographically, Richmond Hill sits between in the middle of the action.  It’s relatively close to Fort Stewart, Savannah, and Hunter Army Airfield.  The town, at around 10,000 people, carries with it a small-town feel, while being situated just minutes from the more metropolitan Savannah.  Residents boast about the town’s fishing and seafood, as well as its history and sense of community.  The average home price in Richmond Hill is much higher, at nearly $254,000, but the community offers a much lower crime rate as well as many schools that rank from seven to nine on Greatschools.


Finally, there’s Savannah itself.  The historic coastal city has a lot to offer for those who want southern charm along with a more urban setting.  With a vibrant night life, amazing Antebellum architecture, and the Atlantic right in its backyard, Savannah is a wonderful city if you enjoy an active lifestyle.  Best of all, the median home value in Savannah proper is much lower than most of the other communities in this article at around $135,00, and it offers some schools with ratings from seven to nine on Greatschools.  The crime rate in Savannah is marginally higher than the statewide average, but not much higher than the national per-capita average.

The history, architecture, and natural beauty of the Savannah, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield areas are tough to beat, as is the charm. No matter which community you end up choosing, make sure you take some time to enjoy the outdoors, along with some of that legendary southern cooking in the state that’s sure to stay on your mind.

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