The 4 Best Breakfast Spots Near Fort Riley

The food scene around Ft. Riley has a lot to offer, but if there's one specialty, it's breakfast. Not sure if it's the Midwest's desire to put potatoes in everything, but when you're at Ft. Riley you won't have any trouble finding a hearty breakfast in any of the towns surrounding post. Here's our recommendations for the best places to get an early bite...

1. The Chef

This place is most definitely the local trendy favorite not only because of its breakfast décor (Sunny side up clock on the wall) but also because of its twists on classic breakfasts and assortment of spiked morning beverages.

Right and Up Tip: Do yourself a favor and order the Smoked Salmon Bennie and a Bloody Mary or Manmosa (Busch Light and OJ).  If you don't have time to wait be sure to get there early as this place fills up fast and you'll always see a line out the door on the weekends. For those of us who like to sleep in, it doesn't hurt to roll in late and enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate outside on the bench while you wait for your table.

2. Early Edition

With two locations in Manhattan, Early Edition has the look and feel of a Midwest diner, but the menu boasts a little bit of everything, from traditional to TexMex to Southern. Because of their larger footprint, this is a great place to bring a group of your Soldiers or friends. Brought my section here once and they loved it!

Right and Up Tip: Border Town omelette.

3. Bob's Diner

Ask any Manhattan local where to get a good breakfast and Bob's Diner will be at the top of their list. With that quirky diner décor and quick service, Bob's is sure to find a place in your big bacon wrapped heart. No surprises here. You want breakfast and by God they're gonna give it to you.

Right and Up Tip: The Lumberjack of course! Big traditional breakfast with all the bells and whistles you could ask for...pancakes or French toast, ham or bacon or sausage, eggs, home fries and toast.

4. Stacy's Restaurant

Right out the Junction City gate of Ft. Riley is one of the few remaining "Valentine" diners left in Kansas. Valentine diners were created during the Great Depression with the thought of feeding 8-10 people at a time quickly in a small (often portable) restaurant with only 1-2 servers. Pretty cool if you ask me. Stacy's holds quite a bit more than 10 people, so don't worry about space, but it's also one of the best breakfasts you can find in the Ft. Riley area.

Right and Up Tip: Biscuits and gravy (the FULL order).


about the author

Riley is an active duty US Army Captain and the Founder of Right and Up. She’s currently stationed in Washington, DC, with previous assignments at Fort Huachuca, Fort Bliss, Fort Riley and Fort Benning. You can typically find her eating embarrassingly large amounts of food in local restaurants, or exploring her military town with her husband, Sean and her dog, Gus. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!