Best Boozy Brunch Spots in El Paso

Photo by  Steve'Os

Photo by Steve'Os

Who doesn’t love eating chocolate chip pancakes or syrup-drenched French toast at 11 am?  It’s like dessert but without the guilt, and did I mention champagne before noon? Brunch is a time to come together with friends and reenergize from the week...or even from the night before. A good brunch spot consists of a few key things: stellar breakfast food, booze, and a je’ne se qua’ ambiance...aka the cool factor. With that in mind, if you're craving a boozy brunch in El Paso, we recommend you start your search here...

1. Steve'Os

Sunday morning brunch in El Paso is so much better with Steve'Os! I’ve never had a bad meal here and their menu is constantly changing, so you get to try something new every time! For my East Side friends, you certainly lucked out being so close to this gem!

Right and Up Tip: Pina Colada French Toast. Period. End of sentence.

2. Crave Kitchen & Bar

This place is true to its name because even though I no longer live in El Paso I still crave its food. Crave conveniently has three locations (with a 4th on the way at The Fountains); one on the Westside, the Eastside, and in Kern Place, so you can successfully roll out of bed for some strawberry-stuffed French toast regardless of which side of town you fell asleep on. Their menu is varied, unique, and oh so good! It should also be mentioned that their lunch and dinner menus are de-li-cious!

Right and Up Tip: The Kern Place location is a bit small so be prepared for a wait especially during peak hours.

3. Ripe Eatery

If you're looking for great brunch in El Paso and happen to be on the far Westside on a Saturday or Sunday morning, then you should be making a stop by Ripe. They have plenty of yummy brunch options to choose from that accommodate everyone's palate!

Right and Up Tip: Mimosas! Mimosas! Mimosas! With eight different flavors, everyone is sure to leave a happy camper.

4. Basico Bistro Cafe

I couldn't resist adding this place even though it technically doesn't meet all qualifications for a "brunch" since it advertises breakfast only until 11:30 am. But because the breakfast is so good and they get boozy with it (aka mimosas), it deserves a spot on this list. Basico is another Westside spot located on the first floor of the Coronado tower, and it lets you get your fancy on!

Right and Up Tip: Boozy brunch is great, but you HAVE to try a fresh juice from their juice bar!

5. D'Lox

While D'Lox specializes in breakfast and serves it all day, they've set aside Sunday for brunch only from 9 am to 2 pm (aren't we lucky?!) They have a varied menu that’s right for those watching their ballerina figure and for those of us who've given up on our Top Model dreams.

Right and Up Tip: Brunch is served up buffet style, which is totally worth the price seeing as you get unlimited mimosas...yes...UNLIMITED...MIMOSAS.

6. The Hoppy Monk

The Hoppy Monk is a happy place where the beer flows like wine and delicious food flocks like the salmon of Capa...10 cool points for anyone who can name that movie reference. Regardless, if you like beer you will like the Hoppy Monk, and with their extended brunch hours from 10 am to 4 pm, you could make this an all day affair.

Right and Up Tip: Grab yourself a beermosa (beer + orange juice) and snag a spot on their fabulous patio.


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